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Robin des Bois is a Non Governmental Organization for the Protection of Man and the Environment. Their object is to bring together, nationally and internationally, all people and corporate bodies, who desire to participate in the protection of the environment and of Man through non-violent actions, in the defense of endangered species, the safeguarding of natural habitats, and the rational and equitable management of natural resources. The founders of the NGO Robin des Bois had the ambition to be a force of proposition, not only protestation. Robin des Bois’ effectiveness stems from extensive historical documentation, quality investigations, a multidisciplinary culture, an absence of prejudice, and freedom of speech. Robin des Bois does not receive instructions, does not defend a particular interest group, and is not attached to any political party. During its first two decades of existence, Robin des Bois has worked for the protection of forests, for better waste management, for recycling in satisfactory social and environmental conditions, for the remediation of soils, for the improvement of working conditions on ships and in factories, for the preservation of water resources, against marine pollution, and against ivory smuggling. Robin des Bois has worked on certain issues for 20 years. The association abstains from promoting a field, a material, a procedure, or a technique that all secondary or collateral effects of its application have not yet been explored or taken into account. The Robin des Bois issues an Arctic related material and publishes in their information bulletin; The Polar Star.

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