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Popularized as the Third Pole and widely acknowledged as the ‘water tower’ of Asian habitants, the Tibetan Plateau has drawn unprecedented attention among international communities engaged in the study of glaciology, hydrology, atmosphere, biosphere, and human sustainable development. The Tibetan Plateau accommodates the largest tropical glaciological area in the world, storing invaluable ice core record for paleoclimate reconstruction in the world highest-elevated region, and also keeping the water resources under control for southeast Asia, the most densely populated region on earth. The high topography of the region also initiated the Indian monsoon, and intensified the East Asian monsoon, and thus attracts international scientific attention with its interactions with the Asian monsoon systems. Besides, with global warming, alpine glaciers on the Plateau confront drastic changes. Glacial thinning and retreat amounts to the lost of paleoclimatological archives never reconstructed, as well as endangers people both on and around the Plateau with potential geological hazards. Since the implementation of the ‘Great West Development’, great changes have taken place in the Tibet Autonomous region, where living standard has been significantly improved. Meanwhile, with more outreach with the outside world, Tibetans begin to realize the importance of science and technology in driving social and economic development in the region, thus yearn for the popularization of science and technology. The ancient teaching, ‘Harmony between Man and Nature,’ has also found its way into people’s heart after repetitive natural disasters traceable to anthropogenic activities. A scientific research institute founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), The Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research was thus born, aiming at the study of the climate and environment of the Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding regions by taking root in the region.

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