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Rogoff, Alice (2011) AlaskaDispatch. [Video]

Jóhannsson, Halldór (2011) Arctic Portal. [Video]

Khomiakova, Tatiana (2011) Arctic Shipping Development Prospects Evaluation: Nuclear Icebreaker Fleet in the Northern Sea Route. [Video]

Pettersson, Lasse (2011) Arctic laws. [Video]

Barry, Tom (2011) Arctic sea ice associated biodiversity: importance and challenges. [Video]

Heininen, Lassi (2011) Closing remarks. [Video]

Freeburg, Adam (2011) Evaluating Prehistoric Sea Ice Variability and Culture Change in Northwest Alaska. [Video]

Laliberte, Jennifer (2011) Frozen in Memory?: Northern Identity in Imagination and Reality. [Video]

Degeorges, Damien (2011) Greenland's state-building in a changing Arctic: climate, energy and geopolitics. [Video]

Johnson, Mona (2011) How mobility and other UArctic-programs can be used to communicate new knowledge. [Video]

Alfreðsson, Guðmundur (2011) Human Rights on Ice. [Video]

Kullerud, Lars (2011) Knowledge on Ice. [Video]

Bertelsen, Rasmus (2011) North Atlantic Micro State Security Governance: Facing Structural, Natural and Political Challenges Historically, Today and in the Future. [Video]

Arteau, Jean-François (2011) Our Ice Dependent World - Impacts and Challenges for the Inuit of Nunavik, Arctic Quebec, Canada. [Video]

Sudakov, Ivan (2011) Permafrost and Greenhouse Gases: Towards Sustainable Development or Catastrophe of Our Ice Dependent World? [Video]

Herr, Richard (2011) Regional Constraints on Soft Law Legitimacy: Some Australian Geopolitical Perspectives. [Video]

Kalentchenko, Mikhail (2011) Russian Institutional Framework for International Environmental Cooperation in the Arctic. [Video]

Ogilvie, Astrid (2011) Sea Ice as Enemy and Friend: The Case of Iceland and Labrador. [Video]

Vardy, Mark (2011) Sovereignty as a Social Issue: The case of Inuit Nunangat. [Video]

Finger, Matthias (2011) The state of the Arctic. [Video]

Björnsson, Helgi (2011) A world without ice. [Video]

Heininen, Dr. Lassi (2011) Dr. Lassi Heininen, chair of NRF, opening statement. In: 6th NRF Open Assembly, 3.-6. September 2011, Hveragerði, Iceland.

Dr. Lonnie , Thompson (2011) Dr. Lonnie Thompson. [Video]

Bob, Su (2011) Humanity, Communities, Minds, Perceptions and Knowledge on Ice. [Video]

Kulkarni, Anvil (2011) Humanity, communities, Minds, Perceptions and Knowledge on Ice. [Video]

Holmberg, Liisa (2011) Ice and the Saami People. [Video]

Prasad Paudel, Keshav (2011) Local effects of cryospheric change on agriculture and pasture in Nepal Trans Himalaya. [Video]

Mool, Pradrep (2011) Monitoring and assessment of changes in Glaciers, Snow, and Glacio-hydhe Hindu Kush – Himalaya. [Video]

Itta, Edward (2011) Mr. Edward Itta, Mayor of North Slope Borough, Alaska. [Video]

Margrét, Cela (2011) The Northern Research Forum, a case study for High Northern cooperation. [Video]

Lassi, Heinenen (2011) Opening words by Lassi Heinenen at the 6th NRF Open Assembly. [Video]

Stefán B. , Sigurðsson (2011) Opening words by Stefán B. Sigurðsson at the 6th NRF Open Assembly. [Video]

Dr. Arthur, Chilingarov (2011) Opening words from Dr. Arthur Chilingarov at NRF Open Assembly 2011. [Video]

Yao, Tandong (2011) Professor´s Yao Tandong opening statement at NRF Open Assembly 2011. [Video]

Vaughan, Jessica (2011) The Quaternary glacial history of Banks Island, NWT: how the paleo-record can help us predict future glacier change. [Video]

Song, Yongjia (2011) Sea Ice melting in Arctic. [Video]

Auður, Ingólfsdóttir (2011) Securitization of Climate Change in the Arctic - The Case of Iceland. [Video]

Kuupik, Kleist (2011) Statement from Kuupik Kleist at the NRF Open Assembly 2011. [Video]

Dorough, Dr. Dalee Sambo (2011) The inter-related implications for Arctic Indigenous Peoples. [Video]

Heininen, Dr. Lassi and Exner-Pirot, Heather and Plouffe, Joël The Arctic Yearbook. [Website]

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