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“North-Centre” is a new networking mechanism designed to unite the efforts of science, youth associations, non-profit organizations, business and authorities for the benefit of development of northern regions. The Centre’s mission is to generate conditions for expansion of intersectoral (first of all international) cooperation to promote sustainable development of northern regions. The Centre acts as a mediator and a platform for interactions and cooperation of stakeholders representing similar or different areas of public life. The Centre helps the stakeholders build their capacity and unfold their potential by applying their efforts to the spheres they now deal with little, if at all. Activities of the Centre help raise the level of the scientific and information-analytical background available to decision-makers through their interactions with science and the public sector enabling more timely response to urgent challenges related to development of northern regions. Owing to cooperation between science, authorities and representatives of Northern indigenous peoples strategic planning and forecasting can take account of specific natural and ethnocultural features of the Russian North. Through the Centre’s activities, access to socially and environmentally important information is expanded. The Centre aims to promote the factor of northern identity and to position the Arctic and the North as the arena for innovative international and interregional initiatives. Activities of the Centre facilitate dissemination of global expertise in how to use the resources of northern regions simultaneously solving socio-economic problems, which is particularly topical in the strenuous natural and climatic conditions of the North.

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