About the Repository

Arctic Portal Library

The Arctic Portal Library is the Arctic scientific publications archive of the arcticportal.org information gateway. The objective of the Arctic Portal Publications Archive is to maintain a comprehensive collection of Arctic relevant scientific and educational material. The main focus is on material produced or published within the scope of International Polar Year 2007-2008, the Arctic Council and the University of Arctic. Moreover, material produced in various Arctic research programs and projects and within the scope of Arctic research institutions and organizations will be readily available in the Archive. The archive contains a wide variety of articles and monographs as well as conference and workshop items, project materials and books. It also contains a large web link collection, the links ranging from Arctic related project web pages and research organization and NGOs homepages to interesting websites on Arctic related matters.

The archive is maintained by the Arctic Portal staff and updated regurarly to provide access to all the latest material regarding the Arctic region. If you have any suggestions for material or wish to have correspondence regarding this repository, please contact us via email library@arcticportal.org

The repository contains only published or peer-reviewed material from recognized sources. More information can be found on the publications policy section of this repository.