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Borgerson, Scott Arctic Meltdown - The Economic and Security Implications of Global Warming. Foreign Affairs March/April 2008.


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Victoria, Lipnick Engineering Degree Resources. [Project]

Vistnes, Ingunn and Lie, Ivar and Karlsen, Geir Runar and Nygaard, Vigdis and Søreng Ulfsdatter , Siri (2008) Utbygging og drift av Goliat oljefelt Konsekvensutredning samiske forhold Development of and production at Goliat oil field Impacts on Saami conditions Goliat oljoguovllu huksen ja doaimmaheapmi Váikkuhusčielggadeapmi sámi diliid birra. [Project]


Unspecified Arctic EEZ-map in the European Union. [Image]

Arctic Council , Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Working Group (2001) CAFF Map No.32 - Industrial activities and oil and gas reserves in the Arctic. [Image]

Unspecified Estimated Arctic Oil and Gas reserve map. [Image]

Teaching Resource

Baldursson, Snorri Non-Living Natural Resources of the Arctic and Their Use. [Teaching Resource]


Unspecified Alaska Department of Natural Resources - Division of Mining, Land and Water. [Website]

Unspecified Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. [Website]

Unspecified Aleut Corporation. [Website]

Hong, Nong (2011) Arctic Energy: Pathway to Conflict or Cooperation in the High North? [Website]

Unspecified The Arctic Journal. [Website]

Unspecified Coastal Response Research Center, University of New Hampshire. [Website]

Unspecified Dreki Area. [Website]

Unspecified ESB International (ESBI). [Website]

Unspecified The Energy Portlet. [Website]

Unspecified Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation up to 2020. [Website]

Unspecified Facts 2011 - The Norwegian petroleum sector. [Website]

Unspecified Greenland Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum. [Website]

Unspecified International Energy Agency. [Website]

Unspecified Nordic Energy Solutions. [Website]

Unspecified Presentation on Russian Energy Strategy for the period up to 2030: "the Way to the Innovative Energy Development". [Website]

Paasche, Øyvind (2011) The Race for Arctic Energy Resources. [Website]

Unspecified Renewable Energy. [Website]


Unspecified Energy 2020 A strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy. European Commission, Brussels.

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