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Borchert, Nanna (2001) Land is Life: Traditional Sami Reindeer Grazing Threatened in Northern Sweden. [Project]


Gaup Eira, Inger Marie and Eira, Ravdna B.M. (2008) EALÁT Anar Workshop Report. [Project]


Hubberten, Hans-Wolfgang and Boike, Julia and Lantuit, Hugues and Kais, Leena policy paper. [Project]


Kemi, Karen Inga (2010) BIRGEN - Tradisjonell kunnskap og opplæring i reindriften 2. periode. [Project]

Kemi, Karen Inga (2009) BIRGEN: Tradisjonell kunnskap og opplæring i reindriften. [Project]

Karlsen, James and Kvåle, Gro and Nesje, Liv Mari (2007) Evaluering av Internasjonalt fag- og formidlingssenter for reindrift. [Project]

Kondratieva, Valentina and Maksimov, Valery Реализация проекта "Человек в Арктике" в Республике Саха (Якутия) (Man in the Arctic Project implementation). [Project]


Molenaar, Erik and Corell, Robert Arctic Fisheries. [Project]

Magga , O.H. and Mathiesen, Svein D. (2009) Arktalaš hearkkivuođa guorahallan: Boazodoallu nuppásteaddji dálkkádagas - birgenmekanismmat ja heivehannávccat ? [Project]

Macneill, Christopher Mark Gaining Command and Control of the Northwest Passage. [Project]

Mäkitalo, Minna P.E. and Sikku , Anders and Inga, Hans (2008) Lahkajeaggi. [Project]

Many Strong Voices, - (2007) Workshop Proceedings Many Strong Voices Stakeholder Workshop. [Project]


Smith, Sharon and Brown, Jerry (2009) Assessment of the status of the development of the standards for the Terrestrial Essential Climate Variables - T7 - Permafrost and seasonally frozen ground. [Project]

Scientific Comittee on Antarctic Research, SCAR (2009) SCAR Report on Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment. [Project]

Sametinget i Sverige, - (2009) Sametingets Livsmiljöprogram Eallinbiras/Iellembirás/Jielemen Bijre. [Project]


Thorsteinsson, Thorsteinn and Pundsack, Jonathan (2010) Arctic-HYDRA Consortium (2010). Arctic-HYDRA: The Arctic Hydrological Cycle Monitoring, Modelling and Assessment Programme. [Project]


University of Illinois, Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS) (2009) Global Security, Climate Change, and the Arctic. [Project]


Victoria, Lipnick Engineering Degree Resources. [Project]

Vistnes, Ingunn and Nellemann, Christian and Strøm Bull, Kirsti (2004) Inngrep i reinbeiteland Biologi, jus og strategier i utbyggingssaker. [Project]

Vistnes, Ingunn and Lie, Ivar and Karlsen, Geir Runar and Nygaard, Vigdis and Søreng Ulfsdatter , Siri (2008) Utbygging og drift av Goliat oljefelt Konsekvensutredning samiske forhold Development of and production at Goliat oil field Impacts on Saami conditions Goliat oljoguovllu huksen ja doaimmaheapmi Váikkuhusčielggadeapmi sámi diliid birra. [Project]

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