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McRae, Louise and Deinet, S and Gill, M.J. and Collen, Ben CAFF Assessment Series No. 7. The Arctic Species Trend Index: Tracking trends in Arctic marine populations. CAFF Assessment Series.

McRae, Louise and Deinet, S and Gill, M.J. and Collen, Ben CAFF Assessment Series No. 8. The Arctic Species Trend Index: Tracking trends in Arctic vertebrate populations through space and time. CAFF Assessment Series.

Eamer, Joan and Russell, Don and McRae, Louise and Bohm, M. CAFF Assessment Series No. 9. The Arctic Species Trend Index 2011: Key findings from an in-depth look at marine species and development of spatial analysis techniques. CAFF Assessment Series 9.

CAFF, CAFF CAFF Progress Report to Senior Arctic Officials November 2011. CAFF Publication Series.

CBMP, CBMP Community Based Monitoring Handbook: Lessons from the Arctic and Beyond. CAFF CBMP Report. ISSN 978-9979-9778-1-0

Kurvitz, Tiina ECORA : An Integrated Ecosystem Management Approach to Conserve Biodiversity and minimizing habitat fragmentation in the Russian Arctic - 2009 - Russian. CAFF Publication Series.

Barry, Roger G. (2016) Norwegian contributions to Arctic environmental sciences from the 1880s to the third International Polar Year. Advances in Polar Science, 27 (1). pp. 1-7.

Monastersky, Richard (2009) The Social Pole. NATURE, 457 (7233). pp. 1072-1076.

Chen, Zhao and Allison, Ian (2016) Some aspects of Chinese-Australian cooperation in Antarctic Research over the past forty years. Advances in Polar Science, 27 (2). pp. 126-137.

Gill, M.J. A Strategy for Developing Indices and Indicators to track Status & Trends in Arctic Biodiversity - 2008 - Russian. CAFF Publication Series.


Arctic Council , Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Working Group (2009) The Arctic Council - Approach to Spatial Data. Discussion Paper. CAFF.

Lee, C. and Eicken, H. and Moore, J. and Tasset, C. Arctic Observing Network (AON) Project Report-Highlights. Project Report. Division of Arctic Sciences of the National Science Foundation.

Arctic Council , Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Working Group (2009) CAFF Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program Report No.16 - Arctic Marine Mammal Monitoring Plan. Project Report. CAFF, Akureyri Iceland.

Arctic Council , Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Working Group (2009) CAFF Technical Report No.17 - Bering Sea Sub-Network Annual Report 2008. Technical Report. CAFF.

Campbell, Caitlin China and the Arctic: Objectives and Obstacles. Project Report. U.S - China Economic and Security Commision.

CBMP, CBMP Developing an Integrated & Sustained Arctic Biodiversity Monitoring Network: The CBMPs Five Year Implementation Plan - 2008. Unspecified. Unspecified.

Streletskiy, Dmitry and Biskaborn, Boris and Smith, Sharon L. and Noetzli, Jaennette and Viera, Gonçalo and Schoeneich, Philippe (2017) GTN-P - Strategy and Implementation Plan 2016-2020. Technical Report. Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost.

Erdal, Lisa Independence on the Horizon: A Study of the Interplay Between Sovereignty and Natural Resources in Greenland. Project Report. Fridtjof Nansens Institute .

Bachelder et al., Tom (2011) A Matter of Survival. Arctic Communications Infrastructure in the 21st CenturyArctic Communications Infrastructure Assessment (ACIA). Project Report. Imaituk Inc., Canada.

Vasilev, Vladimir (2022) Northern Forum Annual Report 2021. Other. Northern Forum, Yakutsk, 24 Kurashova Street, Office 407.

Unspecified (2023) Norway's Chairship Arctic Council 2023 - 2025. Project Report. Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway.

Provencher, J. and Baesemann, J. and Carlson, J. and Badhe, R. and Bellman, J. and Hik, David and Huffman, L. and Legg, J. and Pauls, M. and Pit, M. and Shan, S. and Timm, K. and Ulstein, K. and Zicus, S. (2011) Polar Research Education, Outreach and Communication during the fourth IPY: How the 2007–2008 International Polar Year has contributed to the future of education, outreach and communication. Documentation. International Council for Science (ICSU), Paris.

Forbes, Donald L. Ed. (2011) State of the Arctic Coast 2010 - Scientific Review and Outlook. Project Report. Helmholtz-Zentrum , Geesthacht, Germany.

Jóhannesson, Hjalti and de Roo, Colette and Robaey, Zoë (2011) Sustainable Planning of Megaprojects in the Circumpolar North - broadening the horizon, gaining insight empowering local stakeholders. Project Report. University of Akureyri Research Centre.

Conference or Workshop Item

Aspholm, Paul Eric and Gómez, Francisco José and Wam, Hilde Karine and Goździk, Agata (2019) The EDU-ARCTIC project: Interacting for STEM across countries and curricula. In: Proceedings INTED2019 conference Valencia, Spain, 11-13 March 2019, Valencia, Spain.


Arctic Council , Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Working Group (2010) Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010 – Selected indicators of change. CAFF International Secretariat. ISBN 978-9979-9778-3-4

ACIA, - (2005) Arctic Climate Impact Assessment - ACIA. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 13 978-0-521- 86509

Elger, Kirsten and Opel, Thomas and Topp - Jorgensen , Elmer and Rasch, Morten INTERACT Station Catalogue. Aarhus University, Danish Center for Environment and Energy.

ACIA, - (2004) Impacts of a Warming Arctic: Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. Cambridge University Press.

Yoshikawa, Kenji (2013) The Little Book on Permafrost. Arctic Portal / Page 21.

Krupnik, Igor and Allison, Ian and Bell, Robin and Cutler, Paul and Hik, David and López-Martínez, Jerónimo and Rachold, Volker and Sarukhanian, Eduard and Summerhayes, Colin, eds. (2011) Understanding Earth’s Polar Challenges:International Polar Year 2007-2008. Summary by the IPY Joint Committee. University of the Arctic publications series (4). University of the Arctic and ICSU/WMO Joint Committee for International Polar Year 2007–2008, Rovaniemi, Finland. ISBN 978-1-896445-55-7


APECS, - and SCAR, - and UArctic, - and IAI, - and IASC, - (2010) Exploring Polar Science Strengthening future generations of polar researchers. [Show/Exhibition]


Victoria, Lipnick Engineering Degree Resources. [Project]


Hemsath, Nancy and Baiborodova, Kristina and Cooper, Geoffrey The Arctic Marine and Aviation Transportation Infrastructure Initiative (AMATII). [Website]

Gunnarsson, Bjorn and Balmasov, Sergey ARCTIS. [Website]

Unspecified Arctic - Fund. [Website]

Unspecified Arctic Circle. [Website]

Unspecified Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. [Website]

Stapleton, Mary (2010) Arctic Gateway Group. [Website]

Unspecified (2012) The Arctic Governance Project. [Website]

Unspecified The Arctic Journal. [Website]

Unspecified Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP). [Website]

Unspecified Arctic Report Card. [Website]

Unspecified (2009) Arctic-HYDRA. [Website]

Unspecified (2009) The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS). [Website]

Unspecified Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic (ArcticInfo). [Website]

Unspecified China's Fifth National Research Expedition (Chinare5). [Website]

Unspecified Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring Network (CALM). [Website]

Unspecified Karholl. [Website]

Unspecified The Climate and Cryosphere (CliC). [Website]

Unspecified EDU-ARCTIC. [Website]

Unspecified Environmental Monitoring of Svalbard and Jan Mayen (MOSJ). [Website]

Unspecified (2009) The Forgotten Stories of Inuit Whalers. [Website]

Unspecified From Knowledge to Action - IPY 2012 Conference, Montréal. [Website]

Unspecified (2006) IPY Eurasian Arctic Sub-Office. [Website]

Unspecified (2009) The International Polar Year. [Website]

Unspecified Nunataryuk. [Website]

Unspecified (2009) Ocean Futures. [Website]

Unspecified (2009) PolarTREC. [Website]

Unspecified ReNo - Restoration of damaged Ecosystems in the Nordic countries - a Nordic multidisciplinary network. [Website]

Unspecified (2009) SAON - Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks. [Website]

Unspecified (2009) Students on Ice. [Website]

Unspecified (2009) Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic (SLiCA). [Website]

Unspecified (2011) Virtual Learning Tools (VLT). [Website]

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